About The Owner

Jim Symonds is an entrepreneur, software developer, music producer, dog lover, and devoted family man. Jim has been involved in the MLM Network Marketing industry since 2004, and online affiliate marketing since 1997. He has run numerous affiliate programs, and is the developer of the MLM / Powerlines Modular Multi Affiliate Program Network Creator, AKA Automatic Web Software, a multi level marketing and network marketing affiliate program / subscription membership management software, which runs some of the largest home based business opportunity programs online.

Known for his integrity, generosity, hard work, and whacky sense of humor, Jim lives in Portland, Maine, with his beautiful and loving wife, Heidi, and their 2 amazing dogs, Wagzy and Molly.

Jim welcomes inquires and always give free consultations. Patient and understanding that many are new to the MLM industry, he often helps his clients on every aspect of running a Network Marketing membership site and or e-commerce store, from designing a comp plan, web design, branding, integration and product launch. Contact Jim today at 207-774-1293 Mon-Fri 9-5pm ET to get started building your own MLM Network Marketing empire.