Autoresponder Software

Autoresponder Software Included

The admin may create unlimited autoresponders, each one with unlimited email follow ups. Each of these email follow ups may be timed delayed, to be sent out by the minute, hour, day, week, and month.

Using any lead capture page tied into AWS, leads are captured into a separate leads database, one for each autoresponder.

Leads are always given to the referring affiliate member, however the admin has complete control, to oversee all leads, as well as edit or delete leads.

Any Autoresponder list may be set up as a single or double opt-in.

Lead status currently supported include unconfirmed (optional, if you wish to require leads confirm their email subscription AKA double opt-in), confirmed, removed, and blacklisted.

The following custom tags are supported:

[member_username] – The username of the sponsor
[member_first_name] – The first name of the member sending the e-mails
[member_last_name] – The last name of the member sending the e-mails
[member_phone] – The phone of the member sending the e-mails
[member_email] – The e-mail of the member sending the e-mails
[lead_first_name] – The first name of the user receiving the e-mails
[lead_last_name] – The last name of the user receiving the e-mails
[lead_email] – The e-mail of the user receiving the e-mails
[lead_phone] – The phone of the user receiving the e-mails
[join_link] – The link to the join page the lead can use
[confirm_link] – The confirm link in order to subscribe for the auto responder
[unsubscribe_url] – The unsubscribe link for a lead to unsubscribe from the auto responder

Fast Member Technology

Once a lead, the jump to member is easy, since we already have their name, email and phone, the join page will only ask the lead to choose a username and password.

Lead Capture Pages

You can use our default custom lead capture pages as templates, to create unlimited lead capture, opt-in, squeeze pages for your members to use, which allows them to promote your program, and build their own personal mailing list at the same time.

Aweber / Get Response / Other Autoresponders

You also have the option to allow members to use their personal autoresponder accounts with Aweber and Get Response. More can be added upon request. Members simply add their Aweber or Get Response campaign name into their user profile, and our lead capture pages will automatically send the leads into their personal accounts. It’s that easy. If desired, leads can be imported to these accounts upon member registration as well.

Multiple Autoresponder Support

Any third party autoresponder software which supports custom codes (all the good ones do), can be used in conjunction with Automatic Web Software.

Autoresponder – Fear Of Loss “Nag” Emails Sent To Unpaid Members

You have the option to send unpaid members up to 3 follow up emails, reminding them to upgrade for maximum benefit, i.e. being able to earn commissions as a paid member.

The Nag autoresponder is set to “true” of “false” in the config file. If set to false, it does nothing. This function is global. When set to true, a cron job runs daily, which searches each member’s status in all programs. If a member is Active in any program, they will not get any nag emails.

If nag is set to true and a member is inactive (unpaid) in ALL programs, they will receive reminder “nag” emails (until they upgrade into any program), sent out 10, 20, and 28 days after they joined. The dates can be changed, and you may optionally remove unpaid members (purge them from the database), if you desire, after “x” days.

If the user pays (upgrades) at any time before the nag series is over, they are removed from the nag autoresponder series. You may optionally remove members if they have not upgraded within a specified time frame.