Getting Started – Building Your Own MLM Program

How do I get started building my own MLM Program?

Gather your thoughts, and contact us to discuss your plans. Even if your MLM Program ideas are still in the embryonic stages, we can help advise you on the next steps.

Want to build an MLM Program, but have no ideas yet? No problem. Let us help you brainstorm. See also: Membership Ideas

The bottom line items you will need to run your own MLM Network Marketing program are:

A domain name (

A product or service to sell (or a gifting program, but we strongly recommend you have a product or service)

A person dedicated to be the administrator of your program – This person will oversee the daily operations of your program, and manage the members via your AWS browser based admin panel.

AWS MLM Software is fully automated. Members will self serve themselves, from sign up, payment, through delivery of services (when products are served digitally).

The primary jobs left to the admin are:

  • 1) Advertise
  • 2) Support Your Members
  • 3) Send Out Member Updates

Of course there may be more, such as if you sell physical product or services.

Please contact Jim at 207-774-1293 Mon-Fri 9-5pm ET, to discuss your project.

Email inquiries are welcome 24/7. Contact us to get your project started today.