Lead Capture

Lead capture pages are also known as squeeze pages, opt-in pages, and doorway pages.

Lead Capture is essential for making sales.

You may have heard it takes 7-12 exposures (minimum) of your product /service before a prospect will convert into a customer.

This means that unless you are collecting leads, you are losing prospects and future sales.

AWS allows your MLM programs to host unlimited lead capture pages, as well as create unlimited autoresponders (one for each campaign), and each autoresponder may have unlimited email follow ups.


How it Works:

Each affiliate member who refers leads via their affiliate replicated website, will get those leads added to their affiliate back office. When any of these leads later upgrades, the referring member is compensated for the sale, and the lead is now added to their downline.

Video and Audio (supported) are often used to entice users to stay on lead capture pages, and engage them long enough to convert them – which in this case means, they offer up their details, which may be as little as an email address.

You may want to capture more information, and which custom form fields you request are entirely up to you.

Any design can work with AWS, so you may have custom lead capture pages created, and they can be tied into our website replicator, and internal autoresponder software, with ease.