Membership Ideas

Membership Ideas

Not Sure What Product Or Service To Sell?
Need An Idea For Your Membership Site?

We Strongly Recommend A Digital Product Or Service. Here’s Why:

No product to buy
No inventory to manage
No shipping
No damaged or returned goods
No selling
No order processing – done for you
Work from home – Be your own boss
No phone calls (unless you want)
Automate your entire business


If you’re created your own killer software, ebook, or information product, great! But if not, you do have alternatives. You can buy ebooks and software with resale rights, and sell the collection in your membership.

The Overwhelming Product Collection

You can try to stuff your site full of every last ebook and software product you can find, but there are many sites doing this, and personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea. People are tired of seeing old, rehashed and rebranded products everywhere.

Also, it’s overwhelming to think about trying to read and use all the material provided, and many newbies think they’re supposed to do just that.

Another downside to this approach (if you plan to update your collection) is constantly finding and adding in new products, uploading large files, and creating download pages and instructions. It’s quite a chore.

Niche Sites

Niche sites are a hot topic these days. If you pick a particular niche subject, and provide only products related to that niche, you will have a much better themed site, and probably a lot more interest. You will have less to manage and update, since you’re not trying to incorporate everything under the sun.

Consider being selective still. Add only the best quality material. No one wants to read 479 books about twitter. If you have a huge collection, and have read every last ebook (and tried all the software), select only the best, and or distill the best information you have found into a new ebook. People want quality, not quantity. And too many choices will overwhelm us, and we’ll close the site.

Manual Services

You could offer any type of service, such as social marketing, copywriting, web design, graphic design, programming, painting, singing, music production, voice overs, cartooning, anything really. You could fulfill such services yourself, or outsource the task to a freelancer.

Outsourcing To Freeelancers

Freelance sites work much like ebay in reverse. You post your job project, and the freelancers bids to get your job. Many times they will bid lower, (not higher) than another bidder, in an attempt to win your job. Freelancers are rated, with a user rating system, just like ebay. So be sure to choose a freelancer with a positive rating, and a fair amount of feedback ratings. This will not guarantee your satisfaction, but should greatly increase your odds of finding a suitable candidate, with a solid reputation for delivering. It may take a few projects to find just the right talent, you’ll want to give your repeat business.

Reselling services that you have outsourced, can be profitable, but you’ll have to act as a project manager, unless of course, you outsource that, too. But be sure you test providers ahead of time, and work with people you know and trust. Remember, your reputation is on the line.

Freelance Websites

Here are some freelance sites, where you can outsource just about anything imaginable.

Automated Service Memberships Are The MOST PROFITABLE MODELS!

Automated Service Membership. OK This one is by far my favorite model. Can you guess why? The service is completely automated and delivered by the software. There is very little work and very little ongoing cost involved in running an automated service subscription membership website.

When you run a fully automated membership website, you spend no money on inventory, and almost ZILCH on delivery (only hosting fees). You spent FAR LESS TIME on content creation and management, ZERO time on order fulfillment, allowing MUCH, MUCH, more time for actually marketing and growing your business.

There will be far less support tickets, and member correspondence, since members know in advance exactly what they buying, when and how it will be delivered, and what to expect. They self-serve themselves, from registration, to payment, to delivery. Everything is automated, including email confirmations, every step of the way.

All you need to do in such a business is promote it, and send member updates from time to time. OK, you might want to review and pre-approve ads, before publishing, but this is about as easy as it gets. You can outsource this work too!

Automated Service Membership Ideas

Safelist Advertising – sell email ad blasts to an opt-in mailing list. Create your own opt-in leads, and or buy opt-in leads in bulk. Many safelists only advertise to it’s own members, so all members are receiving ads from the other members. This is a closed loop permission based marketing system, which has proven to be a very successful model. Safelist sites are sticky. Members keep coming back to post more ads.

Lead Capture Page Service – set up multiple lead capture pages, which are automatically replicated for each member. They can use these to build their mailing lists within your program, and or use their personal Aweber and Get Response accounts, as well.

Classified Ads – create a niche classifieds site. Don’t try to compete with craigslist. Allow free and paid ads. Charge for premium placement.

Article Directory – set up an article directory. Get fresh articles automatically from rss feeds, and charge users for premium placement

Social Networking Website – set up a paid members mastermind group, or allow free members, with restricted access.


These are just a handful of membership ideas, which can be mixed and matched up, even all done together. I’m sure you can think of more. Of these, my favorite choices are Safelist Advertising and Lead Capture Page Services. They are fairly easy to implement, and there is a huge demand for them, when done correctly.