MLM Software Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate Tracking – How It Works

When they join, your affiliates can choose a username (ID), which will show in their links, like so:

If desired, the username can be a sub domain like so: (this format requires wildcard dns set up on the server)

Affiliates then promote their unique URL

When someone visits an affiliate link, the script checks to see if there is a valid sponsor ID in the URL. If there is, the script will then grab that sponsor ID for the session, and set a cookie (for 10 years) with that ID. If a cookie already exists, it gets overwritten. This way, the last affiliate to refer the site always makes the sale.

If no ID is found in the URL, the script then checks for an existing cookie to find the sponsor ID data. This helps protect your affiliates from losing sales, as the Automatic Web Software still tries to find the last affiliate who referred the site.

If no cookie is found, the script then defaults the sponsor ID to “NULL”, which disables the join page, and displays an error page instead. By default, no one can join without a sponsor. This method offers maximum affiliate protection. You may override this, if desired, and assign such visitors to any one member (see below).

NOTE: If the username in the referring link was deleted for spamming (or any other reason), or if the user simply does not exist, the script defaults to the same error page.

When a valid username is present in the URL (and it is correctly formatted), the php cookie will kick into action, and the sponsor’s details are dynamically inserted into the affiliate replicated web pages, wherever they are desired to appear. These can include first and last name, email, phone number, about me text, embedded you tube and other videos, and a photo. Our template places all this information on a pop up window page, called “contact-sponsor.php”.

Claiming Unreferred Visitors

Default To Admin

If you prefer, the script can default visitors without a sponsor to any one sponsor, such as “admin”.

Randomizer Feature

Another option is to use our randomizer rotator feature.

The randomizer can be set, to assign visitors without a sponsor, a sponsor at random. This feature can specify that the randomly chosen sponsors have a particular status, such as “Active” (thus only rewarding paid members with random referrals). Furthermore, you can define that the random sponsors have certain payment processors listed within their profile, to be in the randomizer.

To recap, the randomizer is only activated when it has been configured to do so, and if no sponsor ID or cookie is found from the visitor. A valid affiliate URL will always override the randomizer.

In Depth Information – How The Script Works With Cookies:

If there is no cookie and no referrer, uses NULL (or defined user, or randomizer) as referrer
If there is a cookie and referrer, it overwrites the cookie and uses the new referrer
If there is no cookie and a referrer, it sets a cookie and uses the current referrer
If the referrer is not in database i.e. not a valid member / username id, it disables the join page, or is assigned to one sponsor, or is randomly assigned to a member via the randomizer rotator.

When a valid sponsor is assigned, the software sets a ‘real’ cookie which logs the affiliate referral. If the same visitor returns to the site without a referral link, this cookie data is read, and placed into the session cookie to credit the assigned affiliate / sponsor with the sale.

Session cookies/variables only last for the session, usually until the browser is closed. The ‘real’ cookies last for 10 years.

Our unique combination of real cookies and session cookies offer the best affiliate protection possible.

Affiliate Referral Process

Every member that joins goes through a unique process.

1) Visitor goes to affiliate’s website, formatted using ?id=sponsorname in the URL, (or possibly a sub domain referral link, e.g.

2) The site cookie locates this affiliate sponsor’s details, and dynamically displays their name and details on the site, and creates dynamic affiliate links throughout the entire site (each page is dynamically hard coded with the affiliate sponsor ID in the URL, for maximum protection).

3) Visitor joins for free (registers to become a member), and is tagged directly to their affiliate sponsor forever. The admin, new member, and upline sponsor are all instantly emailed notifications, that this member joined for free.

4) New member gets redirected to payment page, or logs in to make payment (admin’s choice). After all required payments are made, member is given access to the paid members area, and is allowed to earn in the program.

NOTE: You may set up programs that allow unpaid members to earn as well. The admin, new member, and upline (when applicable) are all instantly emailed notifications, that this new member has now paid (upgraded to an Active membership).