MLM Software Demos

You can view our demo, which shows the key features of AWS MLM Software, using the blue menu buttons in the right hand column, below.

The website replicator will reproduce any website running AWS. It’s function is to dynamically insert the affiliate sponsor ID, (and optionally name, phone, and email) into each of the public web pages. This allows the visitors to see and contact their referring sponsor before sign up, and most importantly, it tracks all signs ups to the referring affiliate sponsor.

The admin panel is where the owner, or an assigned person to be the administrator, will manage and oversee the entire membership. From this area, the admin may mass email all members, find members by status, give or remove paid memberships, edit member profiles, set up additional programs, products or stores, and much more.

The members area (or members back office) is where the members may login to make payments, see payment history, view and email their downlines, set up and manage ad tracking campaigns, view and manage leads, edit their profile information, access paid areas, and much more. This area is unique to each member who logs in, since it dynamically populates the pages with their personal profile information, downlines, payment history, etc..