Multiple MLM Programs

Unlimited MLM Programs On One Domain / One Database Installation

If your comp plan is quite complex, and requires multiple levels or programs, more programs can be created to accommodate your needs. Each program, can have different price points, and even different comp plans (if desired).

You can run these programs side by side but independently, or linked together, using our child / parent / linking features listed below.

Each program can have it’s own unique back office, with unique design, or, it can be as simple as using one back office for all programs, and sharing one paid members area. Separate paid members only areas (containing paid content or downloads), for each program, are easily created. Members will only have access for the program(s) in which they have paid, as well as any child programs of those programs.

Programs are completely independent by default. So, members promoting one program will lose sales into another program, unless they are a paid member of that program as well. This can be advantageous to create fear of loss. Smart marketers use the fear of loss tactic to their advantage EVERY DAY. This fear of loss practically forces business from one program into the other, regardless of which one they joined first.

Program Integration Tips

You may hide programs from members until they have paid in the program they came in at. In this fashion, you can “stair step” members into unlimited additional programs, without overwhelming them with too many choices from the start.

You may use multiple domains, one for each program, and tie them all into one database, for maximum leverage. Each domain can have a complete set up, with it’s own back office, or you may elect to maintain one separate back office, for all programs to share. Either way, you may allow access to the back offices of multiple programs, from any domain’s back office.

Modular means flexibility – you can add as many programs as you like. This feature has even more applications besides running multiple programs, since you could use it to upsell just about anything to your members. It could be used for an online store. Add as many items or services you like in your back office, and each one of them will have it’s own secure payment process, as well as it’s own protected page or pages for accessing downloads or just web page content. Some items you might upsell could be leads, lead capture pages, shares in a rotator, advertising, mailings to the entire membership, upgraded membership privileges, etc..

Multiple MLM Programs Example

Let’s say you want to run a program with 4 levels, all at different price points. With Automatic Web Software’s MLM / Powerlines Modular Multi Affiliate Program Network Creator, this is super easy to create, and we’ll even set it all up for you.

To run multiple levels, you’ll need to set up a new program for each level, however, you could call them “programs”, or “levels” when describing your program to your members – it’s all up to you how you classify your system.

Each program (i.e. level) can be chained together with our unique “child / parent” feature, which allows you to run multiple programs as one big program.

Here’s how it works:

In this example we have four programs, at the following price points – 1) $100, 2) $200, 3) $300, 4) $400. (The compensation plans do not matter for this example, so we will not get into that).

Now, you could elect to run these programs completely independent of each other, if you so desired. OR – you might want to reward people joining the higher priced programs, to get a free or “comped” (complimentary) membership into the lower priced “child” programs. Each time a new member registers, they will have the option of joining any program (unless you desire to hide programs which is also possible).

Buy a membership in program 2, and get a free membership in program 1
Buy a membership in program 3, and get a free membership in programs 1 & 2
Buy a membership in program 4, and get a free membership in programs 1, 2, & 3

Optionally, we can also set it up, so members will also be qualified in the child programs (this assumes a powerline compensation plan is present in the program).

NOTE: Powerlines are program dependent. If the example above were 4 powerline programs, members would be required to qualify for each program independently (unless you ask us to set it up otherwise, and then qualifiers can be given away in child programs)

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