Payment Types

Understanding Payments

Automatic Web Software has many tools. Some such tools measure and track genealogy and payments, etc.. It does not actually handle or store any type of money. What it does is facilitate payments by automatically creating payment links for each member (dependent on the pre-defined program compensation plan) using payment gateways and processors, with IPN (Instant Payment Notification) reporting.

Subscription Memberships & One Time Payment Memberships

You may create single (one time) payment programs AND / OR subscription based programs.

Supports Single & Subscription Payment Types Within Any Subscription Program

Payment types within a subscription program, can still be defined as one time or subscription, and these can be mixed and matched, any way you like.

You and your affiliates can accept one time AND subscription payments in the same program.

For the example, the affiliate might get one large powerline (or tier) payment once, plus a smaller recurring monthly subscription payment. The admin meanwhile, can also take a monthly subscription payment, or a one time payment if preferred.

Or, subscription payments might go to the admin only, with one time payments for the tier(s), and or x-up powerline (affiliate commissions), or subscription payments could be paid on 2 or even all 4 compensation components (tiers, powerlines, 2 admin fees), within the program. See Also – MLM Compensation Plans

When you use create a comp plan that gives your members subscription payments, you give them true recurring income, from their downline members. Want to motivate your sales force? Subscription payments paid to members has proven itself to be incredibly powerful and successful in programs running our software, with affiliates reportedly earning $30,000/mo. or more.

Define Any Subscription Billing Period, In Days

Subscription membership programs, are defined in days. The most common is 30 days, but you could also set it for 90 days, 180 days, 365 days, or any number of days you wish, creating quarterly or semi annual membership fees, etc..

Yearly Fee Option

We also have a yearly fee option, to allow members to pay for a year in advance, this can be used in conjunction with any subscription period.

A yearly fee typically saves the member money against what they would pay otherwise, over a year’s time. This should be a substantial savings in order to convince the member to pay upfront.

Lifetime Fee Option

A lifetime fee option removes the requirements of ever paying subscription fees again. A good rule of thumb on this fee, is to price it 2 – 3 times higher than the yearly fee.

Yearly and Lifetime fees can offer your members substantial savings, (and allow them to “set it and forget it”), meanwhile putting big money upfront into your pocket.

Automatic Recurring Billing Options

Automatic Web Software supports true subscription payments (automatic recurring billing and payment APIs), for all our supported gateways and payment processor which support recurring billing.

Pay As You Go Options

Automatic Web Software also supports subscriptions with single payments (a very unique feature, which may be turned on or off by the admin), which simply means members can maintain their subscription membership by making manual payments each period. Members are sent payment reminder emails, and must login to manually make another payment before their grace period expires, to save their downline, and continue to earn, and as well as get any other program benefits reserved for paid members only.

In other words, you can run subscription programs, with payment processors that don’t support subscription payments, or other methods completely, such as checks by mail.

Some payment processors do not have true subscription payments, and our unique software allows us a way to offer such payment processors, despite their lack of subscription support. Members simply get an email reminder when payment is due, and can make another payment. Please note – also a VERY unique feature – members can pay by different payment processors every month if they wish. How’s that for flexibility?

Subscription Management Completely Automated

Subscription memberships are completely automated. Once gaining an Active Subscription, members are reminded to make payments, before their subscription period expires. Although this reminder can be disabled if desired.

If a member payment becomes past due in a subscription type payment plan, then the member will be given a brief grace period, and be notified via email, thus given one last chance to make the payment or lose their Active status membership, which means they will be denied access to program’s paid member’s area, and in most cases will also lose their entire Active downline, as well as all program privileges, including the right to earn from the program.

NOTE: In some cases unpaid members may keep some or all of their downline, and right to earn, it depends completely on the compensation plan the admin has defined for the program.

NOTE: Subscription Memberships can become past due when:

A) The subscription payment is declined for any reason

B) They made a manual “one time” payment, and failed to do so again, when prompted.

Accept Credit Cards Safely & Securely, Directly On Your Website

Automatic Web Software’s payment pages can accept credit card payments (supporting true merchant accounts) directly using or Linkpoint (standard payment gateways). This set up requires a digital certificate, for SSL, ensuring safe and secure encrypted transactions (and secure logins) for all your members. All credit card transaction data gets passed directly to the gateway, (which will approve or deny the transaction). No credit card data is ever stored on the server.

Credit Card payments aren’t just for the admin, anymore. When you decide to set up your program with a member to member payment system (see below for more), your members can now accept credits cards too, which means they collect payments directly into their own checking accounts.

This is proving to be very popular among larger and fast growing programs, and we are certain to see many more of these types of set ups to come.

Using Other Secure Payment Processors

Our payment pages can also automatically create payment links to third party sites (supported payment processors, such as Paypal, Alertpay And Google Checkout), with which members can login to send (and receive) payments.

Supported Payment Gateways And Payment Processors

Automatic Web Software supports, LinkPoint, Google Checkout, Alertpay, and Paypal. Each of these payment gateways & processors can accept one time payments as well as recurring billing (subscription) payments.

All Supported Payment Gateways & Processors Include IPN Tracking

All payments are 100% IPN secure. No one can cheat their way in. Our software tracks all IPNs reported back to the server by all supported payment gateways & payment processors every billing period, to assure all required payments are being made.

NOTE: and LinkPoint do not report IPNs after the initial transaction, so the admin and members must watch for any declined transactions, and manually mark those.

Detailed Payment History Saved Forever

A detailed payment history is displayed in each member’s back office, which logs all payments, complete with processor names, dates, amounts, payer’s details, and transaction IDs.

Admin Defines Which Payment Processors To Use

Each processor is optional, and easily turned on or off in the configuration file, by simply setting it to “true” or “false”. The admin decides which of the processors to support in the program, and the chosen ones will appear as options within all member’s profiles. If left blank, the option is not present as an option to pay that member. The same holds true for the admin.

Payment Forms And Links Automatically Created

All any member needs to do, (including the admin), is add in their merchant data into their profile. The software does the rest, automatically creating payment forms for the credit card gateways, or html payment links for payment processors which take the member off site to make payment.

Commissions amounts to be paid (defined by the program’s compensation plan), are all automatically set up within the payment links, along with the correct sponsor(s) to be paid. Automatic Web Software does all the work.

Instant Member To Member Payments OR Company Takes Payments, & Pays Out Affiliates

All payments made can be member to member. We also provide a complete affiliate tracking and payment marking system, so if you wish to accept entire membership payments with credit cards, you can easily track and pay your affiliates. * If you want to accept credit cards for admin payments only, you can do that, as well.

With member to member payments, the software will pay as many sponsors, as are set up in the program’s pay plan.

So, for example, if you pay on the first tier, plus a powerline, and have an admin fee, up to 3 separate people will be paid, or as few as one – in case of the admin referring their own sale, as the admin is qualified from the start.

If the member making the referral is not qualified, then they make their first tier commission, and their sponsor makes the powerline commission, and the admin makes the admin fee.

If the member making the referral IS qualified, then they make the first tier commission, PLUS the powerline commission, and the admin makes the admin fee.

Automatic Web Software creates intelligent payment links, which will not force members to make multiple payments to the same person (unlike most other scripts). In other words, if the member should be getting multiple commissions, they are summed up together, and only one payment of the sum is required to that member. The exception to this rule is if one payment is a one time fee, and another is a subscription payment.

When you use a member to member only payment system, your members get INSTANT GRATIFICATION, since the money goes directly into their checking accounts (or payment processor accounts). This not only makes for EXTREMELY HAPPY AND MOTIVATED AFFILIATES, but it also means you never handle their money, so there’s no doubt they will be paid. This one feature has been responsible for programs literally exploding with sales. It also means there’s no 1099 tax form reporting for you to do for your members.

How Member To Member Payments Work

Member to member payments, display all member’s payment buttons on one payment page (all the members who should be paid, defined by the compensation plan). The new member (buyer’s) account is not activated until all required payments have been received.

In order for the new member to become Active, and have the right to earn paid member commissions, they must have paid the entire membership fee.

Each time they make a payment, they will be returned to the payment page, so they may make the subsequent payment to the next member. Once all required payments are made, they may access the paid members area, for that program, as well as refer new members, and earn based on the program’s compensation plan.

NOTE: The member to member payment setting is selected per program, so if desired, you may have one (or more) programs using member to member payments, while at the same time have a program (or more), where the admin accepts the entire payment of behalf of affiliates, and makes pay outs later. The latter may be more desirable when the comp plan requires many people be paid.

For example a 5 tier MLM plus admin fees, would require up to 6 people getting paid. In a member to member payment system, which means the newly joining member must make 6 separate payments to join. That is a lot of “hoops to jump through”. By using the other method, only one payment is required.

Admin Only Takes Payment

Admin accepting the entire payment of behalf of affiliates is “old school”, but as you can see, there are times when it is desirable. The downside is, there is no instant gratification for the members, and you are now responsible for their money (i.e. receiving it, and paying it out). The upside is, the convenience for the enrollee of making only one payment, and your members will not need to supply any payment processors, themselves.

We do provide full tracking and a marking payment system, so you can easily track and pay your affiliates, and mark them paid.

Automatic Web Software Accepts Payments Via ANY Payment Processor Under The Sun.

Taking Payments Outside The System

Taking Payments Outside The System allows tremendous flexibility for all program owners, as it greatly helps to facilitate sales.

Custom Payment Fields

If the admin chooses to allow outside payments, the members back office will display a text area field on the profile page, called “Payment Information”. Here you can enter your custom payment details for taking payments outside of the system. Many members simply enter a URL to their payment website and / or instructions of other ways they accept payments for membership sales. Basic html for creating links is acceptable.

This custom payment information is then displayed on the member’s payment pages, instructing the new enrollees, on how to send their sponsor payment. This flexibility allows members to send and receive money between each other, via any means they can both agree on, be it a bank wire, echeck, western union, moneygram, (another payment processor) check by mail, etc..

In addition to the Payment Information text box, the member can select from the following choices as well.

Fedex (Signature Required)
Fedex (No Signature Required)
UPS (Signature Required)
UPS (No Signature Required)
DHL (Signature Required)
DHL (No Signature Required)
Money Gram
Western Union

When you allow outside payments, your members are no longer confined to only the payment processors supported by the software (which currently include, LinkPoint, Google Checkout, Alertpay, Paypal). This kind of power can push sales into overdrive.

Members Marking Payments Received

Of course when you allow payments outside of the program(s), there must be a way for the program to process such payments have been made. If the admin chooses to use this feature, members will have a link in their back office, for “Marking Payments Received”. This payment marking system allows members to mark incoming payments “received”. This should only be used for payments taken outside the program, as otherwise the payment processor IPNs will automatically process the sale.

There is no way to cheat the “Marking Payment” system, since members can only mark payments due themselves. This action does not give the new member Active status, until they have made ALL required payments for the program.

In other words, the member whose payment is being marked paid cannot bypass admin fees, or any other upline fees due.

Furthermore, in powerline compensation programs, the pass up will always go to the upline (meaning only the receiving upline sponsor can mark that payment as paid), so payments due one member can never be “stolen” by another.

If a paid member creates an account under themselves, and marks it as paid, they are only “stealing” from themselves. the new account they create would still need to pay the admin (if required), and may still pass up a sale (or more) to their upline (assuming a powerline comp plan), so they have nothing to gain, and one extra admin fee to lose.