Store Shopping Cart

AWS Store / Shopping Cart Overview

In addition to AWS’s first class membership software, our Automatic Web Store with shopping cart add-on is incredibly powerful, and truly unique. Tied directly into our membership software, it allows you to sell (or upsell) anything you like, to your members, or the public (stores can also accessible to the public, or members only).

Sell Anything

A product can be defined as a real item (to be shipped), a downloadable (digital item), or a service.

Custom Invoicing

We also have an advanced customizable invoicing feature with the store, which allows you to create and send custom invoices to your clients, independently of stores.

Custom Product Fields / Polls / Surveys / Ad Tracking

Our truly unique custom product fields allow for maximum flexibility, when it comes to gathering data from your customers. You can perform polls or surverys at check out, allow customers to choose sizes, colors, give you special order instructions, and even tell you how they found your site, allowing you to easily track your print and radio advertising, and more.

Event Registrations

Event registrations are a snap – you customers can order tickets or seats for multiple employess or friends, enter in all of the required data, including names for check-in registration and name badges, as well as meal selection, and any special requirements (handicapped accessibility, or food alergies, etc..).

Sell Distributorships / Pay Commissions 5 Levels Deep

The store allows you to sell affiliate distributorships (among other things). Your distributors can then sell all the products you list in your store, and take a different commission amount on each product, which you would define. The store allows you to compensate affiliates / members on sales, by assigning commissions per product, down 5 levels (tiers) deep. In other words, each product can pay a different fixed commission amount, and may pay on more or less levels than another product, or it may not pay commissions at all.

Pay Affiliates / Distributors / Sales Reps Instantly Per Sale

Stores may be set up to pay members directly, with our member to member payment system, or the more traditional store, where the admin takes in one payment, and pays out commissions (if any are set up) later on. Distributors (or affiliates, members, or whatever you prefer to call them) can be compensated on all store sales. This removes the pay to play requirement, common to most programs.

Retail Pricing / Special Membership Pricing

One commonly requested application, is to set up the store to sell products individually, at a “retail” price, and at the same time, include the same products in a members only store. In other words, customers can buy items ala carte (paying retail), or optionally purchase a membership, to get the same products at a membership discount, or possibly all included for the price of membership.

You can create unlimited themed stores, (each with it’s own domain, if desired), and even sell (or upsell) complete stores to your members (allowing them to create their own personal ecommerce storefronts, which they can stock with their own products (shippable goods, downloads, or services), or sell products you provide. They, in turn, can also compensate their own affiliates (anyone promoting their store), by assigning commissions per product, down 5 levels deep.

Members could even use their own domains on their personal stores, to be completely private label. You could charge a premium for this service.

The possibilities are limitless. You can run your own ecommerce solutions company, selling stores with ecommerce systems, and completely secure downloads for digital products, as well as inventory support for physical products. We have included a comprehensive global tax and shipping costs system, and basically everything you could ever hope for in a great web store (our team has designed about 4 web stores previously, so we’ve had a lot of experience to draw from).

Why You Should Offer A Store To Your Membership

The store allows for “anytime payments” – payments for items or services your customers should be able to purchase multiple times, as often as they wish, whenever they wish (without forcing them to re-register with a new email address), and or be able to select the number of units (ability to purchase more than one unit of the same product), or being able to purchase more than just one product at once (purchasing multiple products via the shopping cart feature).

The store is ideal for selling things such as leads, traffic, shares in a rotator, mailings to the entire membership (great for running your own safelist program, or other email advertising or online marketing service), and all products / services can be purchased in quantity, (if desired).

If you’re selling an entire collection, and one purchase per customer is all you need, then our program architecture works fine for that, but the store opens up a lot more possibilities.

Set Unlimited Global Shipping / Handling And Tax Rules

The store is also ideal for physical (shippable) goods, as well as anything where taxes and or shipping and handling charges need to be applied. For example, if you need to collect taxes on membership program fees, we could accommodate that using the store / shopping cart feature to sell the membership program, and assign the VAT / tax in the product listing.

AWS’s Automatic Web Store allows customers to buy and register in a one step process, for super fast check out.

If you support multiple payment options, such as direct credit card payments (via or Linkpoint gateways), as well as Paypal, Alertpay, and or Google Checkout, the customer will be able to choose their preferred payment method at checkout.

Here’s a top list of features our store provides:

1) The ability to sell products, individually, at retail, and or create special “private” stores for member access only. Create unlimited themed public and or private stores

2) The ability for the customer to choose more than just 1 item (purchase multiple tickets or cards, for example), combine multiple items in the shopping cart, and make “anytime payments”, useful for purchasing items such as leads, or shares in a rotator, for example

3) The ability to pay 5 levels deep per product, and vary the price, levels and commission amounts per product

4) The ability to sell complete stores as “distributorships”, and or allow members to create their own stores, selling their own products (even on their own domain)

5) The ability for distributors / members to define their own commissions (on products / services in their own store), down 5 levels deep

6) The ability for all stores to pay everything to the admin (one payment), or create instant (member to member) payment links to all members getting commissions

The ability to create custom unlimited invoices your clients / customers can click to pay online. Affiliate / Distributor / Member store owners also have this ability

8) The ability to create custom product fields within any product listing. This unique feature allows you to collect vital information for event registrations (number of attendees, if more than one, meal selection, etc..) , track your advertising by asking customers how they found you (provide pulldown options of places you advertise, and a field for “other”, they can manually fill in). You could also create polls and surveys, and make desired fields required. Another example would be in selling clothing – allow the customer to pick a size and color, via pull down select boxes, or radio buttons.

9) The ability to set up unlimited tax rules, and collect sales tax from one or more states at the same time, if needed (i.e. if you drop ship items from multiple states)

10) The ability to track inventory, and automatically remove a product listing, when inventory stock is depleted

11) The ability to enable and disable products from the store with one click

12) The ability to set up unlimited shipping rules, with amounts per weight of item, and define couriers, domestic and international

13) The ability to sell digital product downloads (with full protection against unauthorized access), physical products, and services, all with 100% IPN secure payments

14) The ability to charge a shipping processing fee and download processing fee per store

The ability to define complex discount rules, to give customers a discount when buying in bulk