“My name is Paul Langley, owner of Dedicated Financial Group. I have worked with several web developers in the past and it has almost become a joke that when they say it’ll be done in 2 weeks, you have to assume double or even triple the time frame. Not only does it normally take quite a bit longer than expected, but the ability to communicate with the developers suddenly decreases once they have received payment. For me, this is worse than the longer than expected completion time.

I do not generally leave testimonials. However, with Jim, I have been more than pleased with his work ethic and communications. Not only was I able to easily communicate with him during the process, but he completed the project on time. Again, for me, this is almost unheard of in the IT industry. I would highly recommend the services of Jim Symonds and his company Automatic Web Software.”

Paul Langley

Dedicated Financial Group

In the event no one has mentioned it today…YOU are MUCH APPRECIATED and VERY SKILLED in emergency situations :) happy.

Hope you have a FANTASTIC day, I am and you are one of the reasons why. I truly appreciate your talent and patience (I mean that). You deserve the best and it’s coming your way…so watch out!!!”

Ronette Scott

“If I’m going to do business with someone, I want to know that there’s a two-way communication street between that person and myself. I call you, you call me back. I email you, you email me back.

That’s what I got with Jim Symonds. From the 1st day I met him, I knew instinctively he was someone who was honest, genuine and committed to superior customer service.

I was not disappointed. He’s someone I’ll do business with again and again. And about the script… If you’re looking to run your own program, you can stop looking now! You’ve found the right site.”

“4 years later and STILL using the script to generate daily profits!

Purchasing the unlimited rights back in 2006 has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. The PROOF is in the “real estate”. You can see sample portfolio of properties running with the Automatic Web Software:

Tim Berger

Lazy Weekend Money
Little Ticket To Wealth”

Tim Berger

“I have been in this industry for over 9 years and I’ve never found someone that provides the level of service I have found with Jim Symonds. Not only is the Ultimate Cash Cow Script multi-functional and extremely user friendly, but it’s nice to know that you have support whenever you need it.

If you’re searching for a high quality Power Line Script to operate any kind of affiliate program to go along with incredible service, I can tell you that you will not find a better package than Jim and Ultimate Cash Cow… Head and shoulders above the rest!

Thanks a million, Jim!”

Kyle Nichols

“When I decided it was time to build mt own network marketing company the first thing I did was surveyed the field of available suppliers of network marketing software. There was only 1 provider that offered a low cost STABLE system that I could customize to my hearts delight and STILL have the support of the software company. That company is Ultimate Cash Cow Software, and Jim Symonds. Jim has been incredibly helpful in many aspects of getting my network marketing business started and the software issues, and has been a joy to work with.

You have 2 choices… pay too much, or get in the game fast with ultimate cash cow software. It’s the personal touch that Jim Symonds brings that made all of the difference for me. With the others, I would have been just another number.

Jim, thank you for providing this system, and supporting me on my customization efforts. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to bootstrap a network marketing company and do it for a reasonable cost.”

Jim Rivas
Pinnacle Evolution
Home Business 2.0

“Jim I said this from the very bottom of my heart, working with you has been such a joyful, positive experience, you are completely professional, your are honest, helpful, and patient with me.

I am so very happy with the script it has everything I was looking for. It’s rich, creative and clean – very easy to navigate. I am so grateful to have found you and am looking forward to recommending you to everyone I’ll ever know who needs your service.”

God bless you,
Juan Amaya

“Jim Symonds and his membership affiliate program system is one of the best. Since 2005 I have been helping some of the top earners in the industry with Internet marketing and consequently I always demand the best from my programmers and service vendors.

Jim Symonds came through for us big time. The project was on time, professional and the perfect solution for our needs. I highly recommend Jim Symonds and his software for your business.”

Dustin Cannon


I want to thank you for creating such a great system. I have yet to see another system that is as detailed and user friendly as the Ultimate Cash Cow system. The continued enhancements and support have been outstanding. If anyone is looking to start their own business, they will not find a better script! I look forward to seeing what the future will bring with the system as you continue to add more value and features.
Thank you for your support and giving my company the opportunity to be unique through all of the features your script offers.”

James Ward
CEO and Founder,
LGNRevolution (formerly Little Guy Network)

“Hi Jim,

I have been one of your many pleased customers for a little over a year now. I would like to thank you and Sven for custom programming the features I wanted into your script. Prior to becoming a customer, I knew nothing of building sites let alone how to deal with script. With your always professional help and the ease of your script, we were up and running in no time. I now have friends in the business and hear their frustration with the lack of support and difficulty they have with your competitor’s scripts they use. I am great full I was referred to you first. Keep up the good work. You’ve been available to help whenever I needed you.”

Dave Brown

“Jim’s program gave a whole new way to reach a broad new audience for our Mortgage/Debt Eliminator System (www.debtcashgenerator.com/go).

We had been struggling with the decision on how to develop a 2 Up Affiliate marketing system, such that his software offers.
It turned out to be way easier and less costly than we originally estimated, thanks to Jim’s software and service. We are off to a fast start, thanks Jim.”

TJ Marrs

“Hello, My Name is Craig Walcott and I have been a successful full time Network Marketer for 18 years. I learned how powerful the Internet could be when In 1996 a friend taught me how to set up a very simple web page. Using 10 HTML sentences that web page allowed me to sponsor over 10 people a day at times! Over the years my business grew and the Internet changed dramatically. I could no longer support an large organization with 10’s of thousands of distributors plus learn and administrate my own site. I could see from the results of other leaders in the field that a proper website and SYSTEM was critical for success in today’s environment and I knew my group would languish if didn’t provide that platform. For years I went thru countless web masters and software developers that professed to be professionals. What a disappointment. Not only where they not knowledgeable professionals but some where even outright thieves. I lost over $30,000 trying to find that elusive someone who knew what they where doing and could get things done correctly.

After another web disaster earlier this year I was becoming resigned to having to take courses in scripting and learn all that other time consuming material myself when by a stroke of luck I saw Jim Symonds’ “Cash Cow” system in google. After looking at his work and hearing the great reports from others who have purchased his system I decided to give him a try.

Immediately I could tell Jim had a great work ethic, he jumped right in and started making things happen.

Jim integrated my existing web pages completely with his software (for a fraction of the cost I was paying my previous developer), and within days I was back up and running, except this time we had a functioning system! It’s been over a month now and everything is falling into place nicely. If there is a function we need for my specific application, Jim goes out and makes it happen. What a great guy to work with, I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Craig Walcott Chfc CLU

“Hi Jim,

I really want to thank you. First, for your Outstanding Super Good Script. It does everything and a lot more. The ease of use, the look, the feel, and functionality are better then any I have seen out there for the types of properties I own like TheSecretPays which uses another script (prior to learning about yours), that well, just doesn’t measure up. Yours is head and shoulders better in every way.

Second, I want to thank you for the support you give. You go from A to 10. What does that mean? It means you not only go from A to Z in support, but you go way beyond that and to the tune of 10 so that I can stay 7 steps ahead. This my friend, is indeed appreciated more then you know.

My advise to anybody who wants to create Massive Abundance with their own program, “Get Jim’s Script” Now. Guys, I don’t see how he can keep this price on this GEM much longer.

Thanks-a-million-dollars Jim.”

Sherm Mason

“Hello. my name is Giovanni Santiago. I just have to say that after looking for weeks on trying to find the proper affiliate solution, I was extremely pleased to have found Jim Symonds.

My biggest issue was actually being able to talk to someone if I need tech support. He assured me that customer service is his specialty, and he was right!

It is a joy to have his program. His customer support is awesome.. I have even called him on a saturday.. His script is painless.. And my affiliates love the simplicity of the back office.

Thank You

Giovanni Santiago

“I cannot say enough about what a pleasure it has been to work with Jim Symonds, When I had a concept that I wanted to forward on the internet I did quite a bit of looking and talking with different companies. None had what I needed to make my idea work. Then I was referred to Jim Symonds. He has been very accommodating to me and his work is excellent. In this day and age it is rare to find a person whose quality of heart is equal to the quality of professionalism. When you work with Jim Symonds That is what you get.
Thank you Jim.”

Edwarde Tarltton

“How to say Thank You?

I had a dream, a vision. But I needed a vehicle to deliver it and you provided EXACTLY the means with your software and help. I searched all over the Internet. Spent money with “independents” who swore they could deliver. They weren’t able to. I hired another company, made many overseas calls and despite their promises they could not deliver what you did! A program that propelled my vision, my dream into reality in such a short time with excellent support from you and your team

If you EVER need to assure a potential client of your company’s ability to deliver, just call on me!”

Lorna Thurston

“As a netprenuer and one who has just started to make serious money on the Internet after nine years. I decided it was time to start my own Internet based business and stop relying on others to decide how and when I got paid. Needless to say, I discovered that finding a reliable company that provided professional consultation, state of the art MLM scripts, web design and timely customer service was no easy task. After finding UCC, I could not be more satisfied. thanks a million Jim.”

Wesley Gray

“Wow… GREAT SITE! Good morning Jim,

The website looks GREAT, your work is absolutely AMAZING. I love the silver buy buttons and grayish background. The time and work that you have put into my website is greatly appreciated and have earned yourself a permanent customer.

Thanks Jim,”

Marvin Brooks

“Hi Jim and Staff

I have purchased tons of software over the years and worked with the best of them. You guys stand out as, well; you are first of all like an old friend, secondly you are as professional as it comes, third you are always available when we need you for help or support, and forth you are fun to work with and nothing is n/a, there’s nothing you can’t or won’t do to keep my business and I hope to do business and jv with you for a long, long time to come!

Thanks to you and Sven for all you guys do!”

Steve Sigman

“I’ve worked with Jim for a long time and when I saw that he was selling the script that ran his site, I decided to see if it would help me automate my own program.
Jim is the guy you want standing behind your script. He’s professional, cooperative, accessable, and reliable. If you’re looking for a powerful membership script and a great person to do business with, look no further.”

Dave Gray, Admin

“I have been operating various online businesses since about 1996, and I have worked with many programmers and script developers over the years, but never in my 11 years online have I worked with someone as efficient as Jim Symonds.

Jim has always been prepared to go the extra mile to make sure things run as smooth as possible for me, and let’s not forget the extremely Powerful MLM Power line script he has not only developed, but continues to fine tune and update as he sees fit, adding additional functions and features that will not only benefit the end user, but the administrator behind the program.

You can’t go wrong here!”

Darren Gaudry