Zombies Go MLM

Zombies go MLM?

Well yes, and they have been for some time. What am I talking about? Well… consider your average zombie. He is male, age 26-55, single and loves to mingle – in MLM programs. OK, we all know there are female zombies in MLM too. I just thought it would look impressive to have some zombie demographics in there. Whew! Now that we’ve cleared that up… (*grin*)

What else do we know about zombies?


If movies have taught us anything, we have learned that zombies travel in herds. They are attracted to sound and movement. Their primary objective is to feed (on your delicious brains). Zombies are mindless followers. They go from one victim to the next. They are simple, unsophisticated beings.

So how do Zombies relate to MLM?

Consider the correlation of zombies to “certain” MLM affiliate marketers. They often go from program to program, hungry for the next big thing, joining whatever looks promising.

Herding Zombies, er… Making your program attractive to zombies

Zombies are notorious for being easily distracted, they scan text (do not read), and will not hang around very long. So you will need to hook them fast.

The key factor is simplicity. Zombies do not have much brain power, so to effectively win over the herd, you need to use the KISS system (keep it simple stupid). Personally for me this means keep your sales pitch short and to the point. Get to the meat of the matter in your sales page, and wrap it up with an enticing call to action.

Minimize outgoing links. By having little to no links, we limit the visitor’s ability to become distracted. Consider the sales pages you have no doubt seen, with only an order button or sign up link, with the exception perhaps of a few footer links, such as terms, disclaimer, privacy policy, contact – and these typically will open in new windows.

These are known as direct sales pages. They reel you in with one specific call to action only – be it capturing an email address, user registration, or a sale.

Marketing To Zombies

You should answer the following questions on your sale page: What is it? How does it work? Why should I join? How do I join?

Attractive modern and clean design is a must. Keep color use to a minimum. Do take advantage of a few key graphics to add sizzle to your pitch, but don’t go overboard. Zombies are easily overwhelmed and will click away if you visually overstimulate them.

Protect Yourself

As a side note – a rapid flashing light will protect you from an attacking zombie, as this will cause them to cease an attack (it confuses their mind, and they go into a zombie like trance).

Explain what your program is about. Explain how it works. Explain your unique selling proposition (why people should join) – this is your hook. Supply a call to action to join the program.
Use a video to draw them in. Keep it fairly short. Give controls, such as volume, and pause features. Even zombies will appreciate a bathroom break, or pause for a phone call (from beyond the grave ~ oooh scarey!), whatever. Let them know the running time of the video. Show them you respect their time.

When you adhere to these simple steps, you can create a system that does the selling and closing for you – and your zombies (er.. affiliates). Just keep it dead simple. 😉

Obviously you need an attractive product or service, and an attractive comp plan as well. When you get the mix just right, you can create your own automatic zombie money machine (just add marketing).

Author Bio

Jim Symonds is a MLM Software developer, and owner / creator of AutomaticWebSoftware.com, enterprise MLM Software, which has aunched some of the web’s most popular Network Marketing Programs, such as Empower Network and National Wealth Center.

Jim welcomes inquires and give free consultations. Patient and understanding that many are new to the MLM industry, he often helps his clients on every aspect of running a Network Marketing membership site, from designing a comp plan, web design, branding, integration and product launch.

Contact Jim today at 207-774-1293 Mon-Fri 9-5pm ET to get started building your own MLM Network Marketing empire.

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